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Sinkholes and potholes

Sofie and I happened upon this metaphor that I thought I'd share with you all. Perhaps some of you already use it or see things in a similar way.

First, an update: when it comes to COVID, things here in the Netherlands (and in most of Europe, for that matter) are steadily improving, but not quickly enough. The mandatory 10 PM curfew here in the Netherlands ends today (thankfully), but the pace of vaccinations remains very slow (compared with the US and the UK) and it might be another 2-3 months before Sofie and I are able to be vaccinated here. I understand that is still remarkably fast (relatively speaking) and will be very grateful once we get to the summer and people in our age bracket (and younger) get access to the vaccine. Until then, we remain very cautious and are taking great care to limit our exposure to others and make our way through this (hopefully) final leg of the COVID marathon.

In this very surreal Corona-life that we've all been living, it is very challenging to keep things in perspective, let alone take everything in stride and contend with every challenge that crops up in a level-headed, collected manner. Let's face it: even when things are "normal," it's still hard to keep perspective. It occurred to us the other day when we were faced with a real, legitimate, undeniable external event (more on that in a future blog) that we've got to know when something is a sinkhole and when it's just a pothole. In fact, in the midst of contending with some new issue that arises, we've taken to reminding each other that, in most cases, it's a pothole: annoying, sure, but usually avoidable and even when you hit one, the damage is minimal.

Sometimes, though, sinkholes happen and they take a toll. They suck, they cause real damage and they demand more of us once we hit them.

It's all well and good to be able to type this out like I am -- actually, I think there is some great value in marking this and noting it -- and of course the real test is being able to put this into practice. Combined with this ever-growing sense of gratitude that I have for where I am, whom I'm with and what we're accomplishing together, I feel like this is an important tool to keep putting to use.

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